Friday, August 13, 2010

New Studio!

All moved in (well... sort of moved in, but fully functioning) to the new studio in Clipper Mill - shared with my weaver friend Carly (see the looms? too legit to quit! I'm trying to not touch or break them but my curiousity is killing me). I set up my little painting corner and plugged away this morning on a new letter next to an open window overlooking the back of Druid Hill Park forest - the trees are dripping with last night's rain and smell so fresh and organic. I laughed to myself this morning that I hadn't experienced anything like that in a while. City life can be that way.
Headed back shortly but came home to eat lunch. See... I forgot to pack lunch, because I haven't commuted anywhere in 5 years.
Also in the studio with us is Annabell the supercat, who lives there temporarily until she has new home. I suspect in less than a week I'll start babbling about how she should come home with me, but for now, I'm enjoying her company while I paint.
If you squint your eyes, you can see some of the finished alphabet in the back left in the studio shot - but don't bother clicking on the photo - that's as big as you'll see it until my opening in September!!!

And now, me, some reference photos and a stockpile of fig newmans are OFF!

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