Monday, July 12, 2010

Sarah & Bruce's Present

Two of my dear Bmore friends were married this weekend, as was mentioned on Friday, and I decided to make them a present for the house they recently bought and are in the process of renovating. I thought you might like to see the Painting and the research behind it...
Above are a photo of Bruce in his trademark orange sweatshirt; a product & model shot from Sarah's website of her beautiful hand drawn & screenprinted pattern designs & hand sewn dress; and a semi-blurry shot of the painting itself. I never did find a photo of her favorite boots, so I just made them up in the painting.
Thanks to all involved for making this perhaps the most fun night I've had since my own wedding. Really honest, beautiful, hilarious & perfect in every way possible. Just like my friends!

And now, enough of all this fun! I'm grounded this week in the studio planning for Artscape - which starts THIS FRIDAY! Can't wait to show you the secret new dresses I've been printing!

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