Friday, July 9, 2010


My good pals Sarah & Bruce are being married tomorrow, and it's all I've thought about all week. I've had the honor of helping decorate for the wedding which has been super fun, and at home I've been working on their wedding present. Unfortunately, for today, I won't show you EITHER, because I don't want to spoil any surprises. But I'll show you next week.

In the meantime, here's an unrelated Beach Boys video for your enjoyment, mostly for another pal. because his birthday is being slightly overshadowed by wedding mayhem. And also because it's friday, I don't really have anything better to talk about today, and come on... the weather outside is good for nothing but this...

I'll be in DC most of the weekend helping to jury this years Crafty Bastards - coming back only for said wedding.
I'm beyond excited for my weekend plans!
A happy weekend to all. Keep cool, love each other, be good, and whatnot.

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P K said...

ha, i've been rocking them all morning! thanks, rachel!