Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hints from Helloise...

So, here is our hanging tomato plant AFTER it grew so heavy that it pulled the screw out of the porch ceiling and crashed to the sidewalk, splitting in half.
And here next, we have the half that split off - which I stuck in a plastic jug of water, much to the doubts of my garden-savvy friends. And did it die or rot, like they predicted? NO! I saved that biddy, and kept alive, and there are tomatoes ripening! So there. We call it the hydroponic plant. (This feat only being exciting because I generally kill most green things within the first year of their lifespan. Is there a name for the manslaughter of plants? Plantslaughter?)
I wish I had thought to take a photo when it was all hanging from the ceiling - double the width of what you see here. But rest assured... we will eat tomatoes aplenty this summer. From the frontyard AND the backyard.

Oh yes.

We will.

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