Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh Craft.

Wow. is it already mid-day Wednesday? What happened?
This weekend's Pile of Craft fair was really one for the books. The vendors were amazing, the new photobooth got some serious use, sales were great, customers were great and you know what - we felt damn proud all day for having organized this beast.
This pride was followed by (apparently) three full days of turbo exhaustion crash... in which I tubed on the gunpowder river with friends, ate ethiopian food and baked & consumed a fruit tart... and not much else.

I'm so constantly blown away by the amount of people willing to support what we do in Baltimore. By "we" I mean both Red Prairie Press - selling tshirts, and Charm City Craft Mafia - organizing these fairs and expecting people to come. There's always this tiny (ok, huge) bit of anxiety that hits me the week before the show "What if no one comes this time. what if they're sick of these things?" Which is exploded with happiness when the first parade of customers comes marching into the church.

Thank you all for coming out, and making Baltimore shows the best ones we do. On Monday morning, I was sitting outside the church, waiting for the table rental truck to come haul away our rented tables, and I watched a woman walk by across the street wearing what I could tell was a brand new tshirt.... and then I saw that I had made it. There is nothing more affirming than that small moment. No matter how many times it happens.

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