Monday, June 7, 2010

Renegade Recap

What to say about this weekend? Well, first off, THANK YOU to all who braved the winds and came out to shop on Saturday and Sunday at Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn. It was wonderful as always to see your shining faces, and meet so many wonderful and interested, craft-lovin folks. The fair was organized fantastically, vendors were top notch, the food delicious & the marching band marched victoriously.
Phil and I were stationed in a spot that seemed to be a particularly active wind tunnel on the edge of the park and spent much of this weekend hanging on to our tent with both arms and lifting up into the air, despite having tied our tent to a nearby tree, and strapped 100lb of sand on each of the four legs. There were tipped mannequins, shirt tornadoes (one of which crashed some poor family's barbeque some 30 yards away and bless their hearts they all came running with bundles of shirts & hangers in their arms and helped us re-hang), dust blasts and a rainy finale. Mid-day Sunday, we took the top off our tent, which both lessened the liftoffs & encouraged the T-storms (har har)... but I enjoyed being out in the sun for a few hours when I wasn't eating dirt or (as one shopper noted) "being structural."
We packed up 2 hours early sunday when the wall exploded and shirts rained into nearby booths just as it started to rain. Somehow we were already laughing about it when we shoved the last bag of hangers in the car, and since the rain cleared, we decided to do a first: Shop together at an indie craft fair. We had so much fun. We got our free photo taken in a photo booth, and bought (among other things) a shirt that says "DON'T GIVE UP" from Print Liberation.
In conclusion, I truly have no idea what I would do without Phil. He is the captain of all that is awesome, all that is stable in the midst of chaos. Helpful and strong and full of good solutions and has energy when I think there's none left in either of us. As someone who takes their independence quite seriously, I must fully admit that I can't fathom laughing about (let alone, surviving) times like these without him by my side, reminding me (among other thins): DON'T GIVE UP.


pidge pidge said...

oh how phil could have been the lifesaver in chicago a few years back!

Red Prairie Press said...

ha!!!! i don't think anything could have saved us then, except maybe an Arc.