Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Beast Pageant

Want to help out with a GREAT independent project?
Got $5? You can!

For the last few years, two of my best college friends (Albert Birney & Jon Moses) have been working on a film called The Beast Pageant out of a small studio in Rochester, NY. They spend every free moment, dollar, and ounce of creativity & energy on the film. Because it's been such a huge undertaking, with no real funding to pay for help or actors, many of us have become involved voluntarily in one way or another. Phil has helped with shooting, lighting, construction & sound recording (the film is a musical with all original music), I have mostly been moral support, but can be seen as an extra in a few places, and unseen as moving scenery in other parts. I am in constant awe at the ability of my friends to maintain such inspiration on a project that has taken years to complete without losing focus or burning out. In fact, they seem to do the opposite, and gain momentum with every new day, and new obstacle.
The film is about a man named Abraham living in a tiny confined apartment, working a morally questionable and monotonous job. His sole companionship being a giant controlling big-brother-esque machine. Abraham slogs through daily life miserable but unquestioning, until a tiny singing cowboy bursts from his body and leads him into the wild. The film is full of fantastical characters, amazing costumes & puppetry, great music and inspiring life lessons. It was shot on 16mm with a Bolex camera rescued from a dumpster, with literally no budget.

Because I feel so invested in the film, and I'm so inspired when people work so hard at something they want so badly,
I've just donated $100.
But you can get involved with a donation as little as $1!
On the Beast Pageant Kickstarter page, you can watch the trailer and then choose to donate anything from $1 up to $8,000. There are prizes & thank you gifts for each pledge level, including a poster-hand printed right here at Red Prairie Press-(included in the packages for pledges $100 or more).

I hope you'll join us in helping to finish this film, and getting it promoted. It's truly going to be magical, and I can't wait for you (and me) to see the finished product - which should be finished sometime in August 2010!

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