Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Yowza. It's blustering outside. We got up at 6:30 (okay, and by "got up" i mean "briefly woke up, and quickly passed back out") and somehow didn't manage to get out the door to go running until 9:40. What gives? Now it's 12:10, and I'm just starting my day. Oh dear. This is not good! I am usually a very regimented worker! Back to painting I go...
But first, I wanted to show you some work from another painter I just found- GollyBard on Etsy - Holly is a painter in Upperville, VA and was the featured Etsy seller today. You can read the interview here. I love her painting style, and I'm smitten with the patterns she finds in natural objects and we all know I love a nice crisp white background. Lovely, and just enough to get me cracking. Having spent the last few weeks making up my own patterns for the new series, (which I'm still not showing you yet but I'll tell you - involves lots of pattern)........... well..... looking at this work, I'm inspired.
So there.
You can purchase any one of Holly's paintings for me and ship it here to my house, by clicking on this link.
Pile Of Craft is in 4 days. I'm nearly packed and almost can't STAND the excitement. We've just confirmed Magnolia Photo Booth Co. will be at the show. Let's get this straight: A FREE PHOTO BOOTH! With PROPS. Amazing. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll (hopefully) Shop till you (hopefully don't) drop.

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holly aka golly said...

My heartfelt thanks for the feature on your lovely blog! Your work is just terrific! Have a marvelous afternoon!