Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Twist Weekend Recap

Nate Duval

Jen Skelley

I had a really swell time in Northampton Mass this weekend with two of my all time favorite craft fair compadres, Jen Skelley & Nate Duval (see above). Twist Fair is a great little show, and also gives me an excuse to borrow a book-on-tape and drive home to NH (just 1 hour northeast) and hang with my family all weekend, in between hocking tees! Met lots of superb new englanders (aren't they all?), ate lots of free food (Twist really takes care of it's vendors). And I think I saw some new favorites this time (though tragically was doing the fair alone, so I couldn't go blow all the money I earned on any of them).
The best part about being a craft fair regular, I think, is that you get to know people. You recognize customers year to year, but even more-so other vendors, and it's like the first day of summer camp when you get to see each other again! The above mentioned friends and I have managed to work out a sweet deal where we get to be next to each other not just one, but TWO fairs in a row, which really makes me extra excited to get to Philly this weekend for Art Star Craft Bazaar. Come visit Phil and me, as well as our neighbors & other friends THIS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY! at Penn's Landing! More info later in the week. Off to run credit cards, and perhaps, PERHAPS... change out of my pajamas.

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