Friday, May 21, 2010

Charm City Cakes at YOUR house.

We here in Charm City love to embrace every teeny tiny bit of fame we can in any way relate to our fair city... so you can imagine how much of a tangle our citywide undergarments get in every time we get to tell people how we all know (or pretend to know) people on Ace of Cakes - one of our only well known positive city claims. For instance, did you see Grizz's wedding cake on 30 Rock last night? MADE IN BALTIMORE beyotch!!!!!!!!!
Well, now you can bring a little bit of the "Greatest City In America" into your own home, because Duff of said cake shoppe's fame, has come out with a line of cake decorating products that are now officially sold at Michaels. All you have to do is brave going into Michaels without a respirator to fend off offensive potpourri/scented candle/plastic fumes from adjacent aisles and provide your own navigation to the cake decorating section.

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