Tuesday, April 27, 2010


photo from the NY Times

I've been running again. It's true. The other day, I made it 4 and a half miles without Phil there to drag me... which is how running has often gone in the past. The weather has been cooperating so far, but soon I know it will get so hot that I won't want to walk outside to water the plants, let alone run any distance that doesn't involve a popsicle at the finish line. However, according the the NY Times, it looks like that's not even far fetched! Apparently a new study says that drinking a slushie before running makes you able to run farther in the hot hot heat than you could without drinking one.

If I'd known that THIS was why I wasn't a good runner, I would have fixed the problem years ago!!

Not sure how legit this new theory is, but If you see a pasty redhead running around on a sugar high with a circle of red around her lips, don't be alarmed, Twi-Hards. It's not a vampire- it's just me, post 7-11 visit, doing "exercise."

sidenote: Dear NY Times. Is that really front webpage worthy news? Aren't we Americans supposed to be cutting DOWN on that crap? Oh Whatever. I'm in.

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