Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lying Liars!!!!!!

My friends managed to thoroughly confuse the CRAP out of me all afternoon yesterday, each telling me a different plan (I'm not entirely sure that was the goal... I think I'm just around too much for anyone to plot against me completely). In the end, the dinner Phil blindfolded me and drove me to was at my own house, and it was full of people when we came back, and somehow, WAY more clean than we'd left it 15 minutes before, which I still don't understand.
I am historically bad at being lied to, and bad with surprises, and generally ruin them (and this was no exception, naturally. I figure out I was walking into my own house before the blindfold came off, and shouted it out loud, causing everyone hiding to crack up) but boy do I love my friends. We had a singalong, and grilled pizza, and cake and lots of tasty food they'd made, and might have been too loud for a Wednesday night, but our neighbors will hopefully understand (half of them were there anyway). You guys are great, and being so far from my real family, it's nice to know I have this extra one so close.
Here is the awesome banner Sarah T made me, and a photo of my blindfold having just come off.
I ate birthday cake for breakfast this morning, and it is fueling me to get packed for Spring Badabing -our first spring craft fair - this weekend in Richmond!

Thank you friends (especially Angie & Phil) for making me feel like somebody, despite my best efforts ;)

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