Wednesday, April 14, 2010


In second grade when they asked what we wanted to be when we grew up I said "secretary." But actually, I only said it because my friend Kim said it, and because I thought we'd get to wear funny glasses and high heels and have access to things like ditto machines & paper shredders. I'd secretly wanted to say "artist" but I didn't really know what that was.
Turns out, I'm currently somewhere in between those two, really. Someone who makes art, but also does lots of paperwork. And has her very own paper shredder. But has only worn high heels twice.
Today I turned 28, and maybe that's close to being grown up but I don't think so. Maybe by 35 I'll have achieved my dream of Joan Holloway-ism but until then, I've got things to do, and a business to run.
just not today.
today is my birthday,
and I'm going to go lie in the backyard and be nobody at all. :)

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Carly said...

Happy Birthday, Nobody!