Thursday, March 25, 2010

Scarf ace

Starting to photograph our spring newbies and get them online and pretty dang excited about it all! Can you even STAND how good you'll look in these new fern scarves? I can't! Yellow & Grey! Navy & Green! jersey cotton and you!
More to come next week as I get them up for sale... Phil and I are headed to Boston this weekend to see films! Phil is part of the Boston Underground Film Festival. Can't wait!!
Anyone know of any good vegan food in Boston? (I mean... besides french fries and beer)


Nogeeshik said...

love them!

ali said...

there's a restaurant in Cambridge called Grasshopper that my veggie Boston buddies lurve a lot. Check it out! Also, not totally veg but a great bakery called Flour -- must have the macaroons...