Friday, March 5, 2010


From Julia Rothman

Something about Red Prairie Press's FOURTH BIRTHDAY being on Sunday (YES! that means a SALE STARTS NEXT WEEK!) that makes me think of repetition. The kind that has a positive feel. Things you've done RIGHT so far, and that are worth repeating.
Last night, for instance, Phil and I quietly resurrected a tradition we had been sad to have stopped back in college: Soup Night. Every Monday night for as long as I went to Syracuse University, our friend Joel would make enormous pots of soup and invite all of his friends over to eat it. Come around 8, bring bread or wine (and your own bowl, since he didn't have enough) and nothing more. After a while, there wasn't even an invitation... you just knew to come. Everyone ate soup together, talked, and went home at a reasonable hour. No raging party, No weekend mess, just soup and friends. Not rocket science, or a crazy idea, but a solid one, and something I always looked forward to and have meant to bring back. So, turns out, it works 6 years later in a different city as well! We started small, with just a few people since I'm self conscious of my soup cooking skills, but hopefully we'll keep it going and branch out. Boil, stir, chat, eat, repeat.
The image above is a pattern from Julia Rothman from 2008. I was playing around with patterns the other day, and remembered a guest post on design*sponge in which Rothman demonstrated how to repeat a pattern. So helpful! Thought it would fit with this theme. HERE IS THE LINK.

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P K said...

Self consciousness be damned! That was some AMAZING soup (even the olives as well)!