Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Power of Handmade

(CCCM intern) Allie was telling me the other day that in her major (graphic design) one of the big things she's learned is if you want something to look handmade in a design, you should physically hand make it. I did this with my business cards on the advice of my friend Ben a couple years ago: carving my business name letter by letter & photographing it on a wooden table.
It's small, but some of the best advice I've ever gotten. You can be an expert at design programs and still it will look better handmade. Here then, is a perfect example of a great design company that takes that advice to the extreme. One Bit Increment is an interactive site built entirely out of cut & folded (and then, photographed) paper. SO COOL! It's a handmade video game, and beautiful to look at. The team behind it is called One Bit Wonder and they have a blog HERE, which talks a little about the process as well as some of their other projects.

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