Friday, April 2, 2010

Love Letter/Letter Love

Two talents I am smitten with (and wish I had) are type design and music. Phil plays lots of instruments, and I have attempted many of them. They hang on our wall looking really sharp, but the most I've mastered is a tambourine and a fierce enthusiasm for sing alongs. Hand drawn type is something I find beautiful and perplexing and in a way, similarly magical to music, when other people are good at it... because I tend to appreciate it from afar and keep too safely ashore sometimes.
Always meant to work harder at both. But there's still time for both, and luckily, I can easily enjoy both without having to actually be good at either!

Just came across "Friends of Type" yesterday and got really excited. Friends of type is a site that features custom designed type from different designers all over the place - I believe they invite new people to post every time, and sometimes design just for the sake of putting on this site? Basically, it's a complete eye candy blog. I showed it to a design friend, who said simply "i know." so maybe you already know too... but either way, can we all just rejoice together that this blog exists? Thanks.


Jennifer Bone said...

Well, we think your Mary Had a Little Lamb on the violin is pretty rockin'

Red Prairie Press said...

and I hear YOU are pretty bitchin' at guitar hero.