Thursday, April 1, 2010


What with it being almost 80 degrees out today in Charm City, I can't help thinking of my hometown of Westmoreland, NH today... and how there's probably a blizzard or something going on right now - but we can't be sure, because cell phones & the internet haven't hit NH yet and we only receive word via telegram once a month. (joking!!!!! my parents run an ebay business and TOTALLY both have cell phones... many of my inlaws do too, though after some monitoring, I'm not entirely convinced everyone knows how to use them). (don't worry Harry, your secret's safe with me).

Someone sent me this video (the 2ND one I've seen this week, if you can believe it) saluting The 'Shire in all it's podunk non-diverse, redneck, boonin, nature loving, sap boiling glory, and managing to parody Jay Z & Alicia Keys at the same time.

I love my new city, my new neighborhood, my new friends and my new experiences.... but every once in a while, I fantasize about living somewhere I can't see my neighbors, the mail comes to a box across the street, you can swim anywhere you want legally in the summer, no sales tax or streetlights (or traffic lights), plenty mountains to climb and grass to smell. Where you have to mow the lawn and drive the trash to the dump yourself, and the post office, general store and law enforcement are each only one person. Funny the things you never thought you'd miss!

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