Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This ain't no Worther's Original grampa cardigan. It's lightweight, Pima Cotton and soft as a tshirt. Perfect for dressing up jeans, pairing with a dress, or covering whatever flavor coffee you just spilled on your shirt at work, saving your outfit without making you heat up to 200 degrees like a wool sweater alla Peggy Olson would. Our freeform feather design floats down the entire front of this generously legnthy button-up and you can stuff your coffee club card right in one of the two pockets and go get yourself a new latte since you spilled the last one all over yourself and it's inapproriate to suck coffee out of a tshirt no matter HOW much you need the caffeine. Seriously. People look at you all funny.
Believe me.
Go get another punch on your frequent guzzler card and don't sweat it. No fear. You're a champ. It's still gonna be a good day.
In fact, you look so good in your new cardigan that you could probably just wink out the window, and someone else will go get you a new coffee. Foreals.

Get one HERE! (or HERE)


Phil Davis said...

What about sucking coffee out of my jeans? On my morning commute today the bus hit a big pothole and shot coffee all over my pants...i love showing up to school looking like I peed myself, it really ups my cred with the students.

Red Prairie Press said...

hahahahaha. Sorry buddy. Maybe we should start getting up earlier and driking our coffee together, instead of getting it to go.
Your best plan of attack, I think, would be to strut into class and say "AH MAN BRAH... I was pounding Bud Ice's on the #8 and totally pounded one too many" then let out an enormous belch, make some sort of reference to Anheuser Busch (alla Hopkins Kids at Eddies) and just dive right into lecture like nothing happened.