Friday, February 12, 2010

View the Rainbow


Matt Bovie

Lately in our house, there has been a campaign to "eat the rainbow" (not to be confused with TASTE the rainbow, which is Skittle's campaign, and their rainbow tastes like chemicals) because we heard that this is the best way to be the most healthy. Radishes, sweet potatoes, clementines, corn, kale, avocados, blueberries & purple cabbage have all been staples this month... and I having weathered one week in January wherein I ate only saltine crackers (decidedly NOT very colorful) I am seriously enjoying the rainbow blast. Thought I'd salute it with these two rainbow colored shops on Etsy I just found out about. Matt Bovie is a fellow Baltimorean and one of my favorite artists here (he also bartends at one of my favorite restaurants). Modology lists Cincinnati as home and daringly boasts being a "leading design studio" with zero etsy sales which puzzled me until I found their main website too, which looks a bit more established: I'm intrigued by the latter shop & smitten over their furniture.
Also excited for:
My valentine
The combination of the spirit of the two in this video.

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