Monday, February 15, 2010

Craft Fair Application Time!

Happy Presidents Day everyone! I just posted a list of quality craft fairs to apply to on the Charm City Craft Mafia blog.
Feel free to email me or comment on that post if you know of any others that I should mention! Happy to keep adding to the list!

I had a great weekend here in Baltimore. Good times in the snow, as has been the case in general lately. Baked some bread, watched some olympics (WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!), had a delicious Valentine meal at my favorite indian restaurant and a total blast at the AVAM Gala on Saturday night, for which I found an actual motivation for dressing up snazzy that I haven't come up with in months, if not years, if not ever. What a great party, spectacular parade, and great philanthropists Baltimore has - willing to dance, drink & dress in glow & glitter for the good of a museum. Ha!
Check you later sweatpants - it's been fun, but I'm going to dress up from now on (just kidding. I'm back to printing in leggings and my high school tennis sweatshirt today).
Get those applications flowing, people! You've got crafts to sell!

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