Wednesday, February 24, 2010


from Huffington Post

Having resisted the urge to flip the bird to anyone driving a commercial Hummer since the days I would actually do such a thing (at which point, if I remember correctly, I did not resist afterall) I was nothing short of elated to hear just now that GM is discontinuing Hummer.
I can't claim to be much of an environmental activist aside from actively recycling, and passionately performing a handful of said flip-offs (most likely while doing something worse for the environment without realizing), but Hummers represent everything I find humiliating about being human (and stereotypical about being American) and are too big to even fit entirely in one photo (see above for proof).

In these shaky economic times, I am sorry for anyone losing a job over this, but just think... you DO gain a planet. (well...sort of).
I'm still celebrating.

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