Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Somethings Hiding In Here

I go to so many craft fairs, I get used to seeing the same things over and over, and almost lose interest (almost. mostly I just obsess over everyone and how awesome they are). But occasionally, people stand out as so totally mindblowingly awesome and original that I have to blab about them on here. Shauna & Stephen of Something's Hiding In Here are pretty much my craft idols. They have a beautiful design style, use all of my favorite colors, make wooden mustaches, silhouetted greeting cards, plaster models of the USA, sculptural jewelry... and they always have new and elaborate displays & changing work. I could gawk at their wares forever, and even creating this blogpost about them, using THEIR images, I feel clumsy and non-designy in comparison! I just found out they write a column for Poppytalk called "I made this for you" which appears to be a report of all of the nauseatingly adorable things they do for each other craftily. (Sew fabric kites & fly them, spraypaint hearts on billboards...) They also created this marquee for Fred Flare (housed at Urban Outfitters in Philly) that allows people to write their own message and blast it to the world. You can check out the Marqee blog here & read all the messages. After you're done guffawing at that, be sure to check out their etsy shop and buy me everything in it. Gracias.

images from Poppytalk blog & Somethings Hiding in Here


nicole said...

thanks for sharing.
they ARE awesome.
i am feeling inspired now.

P K said...

don't think we didn't notice that nice blue t-shirt either.

Lindsay said...

rachel you are my craft idol

Red Prairie Press said...

My My! That IS a snappy blue tshirt, isn't it!?