Monday, October 12, 2009

How To Be a Groomsman.

Lemme tell you, being a groomsman is kinda more awesome than being a bridesmaid. Guys don't really stress out about anything until about an hour before the wedding. Then, they tie ties for a couple hours, straighten their suits, drink mimosas and play dice until the bride is perfect and they're called into place. After being a part of this, I'm still not entirely sure how all the guys in a wedding manage to make it there in one piece time and time again. It's kind of a silly hectic mess.
Here is a sample of what wedding mornings look like when you're a dude, or pretending to be one.
I managed to not take a single photo of the wedding itself, but I'm sure some will show up. In the meantime, know that it was pretty, and wonderful, I cried at least 3 times in the 15 minute ceremony, but so did everyone else, and remembering back to my own wedding, I smile at seeing everyone so emotional. In the end, with a bit of teamwork, cheering, weeping and beautiful music, this was achieved (and the photo was stolen from facebook):

Congrats buddies. Enjoy Hawaii. We'll see you real soon.

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