Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sneaky Peak

We're gaining on the box-unpacking front. Mainly because we have a visitor coming this weekend, and more coming next week... and we needed to locate the living room under the chaos, so that they might have a place to sleep.
Here's a sneak peak of our progess in that room. (please note all the cotton monsters that you'll be happy to know have also safely relocated to their new home).
Also putting a shot of the awesomely pepto-bismol-pink bathroom with western curtains... which we can't take credit for decorating, but is quickly becoming one of my favorite parts of the house. So goofy!

Mr. Sammy has been prowling the house up and down at all hours, and making his likes & dislikes known with respective gurgles and MAH-WOWs. His favorite nook is in the middle of the stairs, a little window overlooking the living room. He sits there pouting when we're in the living room, because he can't seem to figure out that if he comes all the way down the stairs, he'll get to the living room. Instead, he insists on crying until i reach up and catch him and airlift him down. A little pathetic, but we all have character flaws, right?

Can't wait for friends and family to visit us soon!!


Nogeeshik said...

Looks great Rachel, now i see what you mean about the bathroom.

Angie said...

I'm just realizing that your living room setup is perfect for game night entertaining!

P K said...

can't wait to see the new place!

Ali D. said...

It just goes to show that obviously that house has been in the right hands all these years since someone decorated that bathroom. I mean, no one's re-done it? That's brilliant. Can't wait to see the place but it has to wait -- we're off to CA this morning. See you in a few weeks and congratulations!

venus said...

your living room setup is perfect for game night entertaining!.
That's brilliant.........
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