Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Tuesday

We're back in action.
do I say that a lot? I sort of mean it this time.... kinda?
Internet is due to arrive at the house tomorrow, after 5 weeks of running a business without it.
Sitting here at the library with the man next to me involved in some sort of jimmy-leg competition, and the 13 year olds on the other side chortling over facebook, I can't say I'll be sorry to have it in the office again...but it hasn't been that bad, really.
My press is set up and plugged in and has been steaming up the basement all day. Wholesale orders have all been shipped, floors have been swept. Boxes are...well...not unpacked. But that's because of all of the excitement.
My bff left last night after a wonderful 4 days of having him on our couch and my mom-and-dad-in-law are flying in tonight from NH to see the house and say hello for a few days. Dinner guests last night. Soup night on the comeback... The excitement is neverending at this place.
Coming up this week, I want to share with you THREE new shops we're working with wholesale. But for now, I'll leave you with this photo of the following:
-Birthday Cake for Ben (you can't tell, but it's pink inside from the strawberries)
-Delicious pie made by Angie
-and, off in the distance, one of those awesome bottle openers I'm obsessed with from Fluffy & Co.
AND I'll leave you with this information:
-The Hampden post office (or is this ALL post offices?) has decided to start closing from 1-3pm every day. It annoyed me so much, that I went to FedEx instead, and they lost a customer today. I found out FedEx was cheaper to ship my wholesale orders from, and more convenient to our new studio.
I wonder if this was what USPS was trying to do with their money-pinching scheme of closing at random hours of the day.
Nice work, team. No really. You thought that one through pretty good.