Monday, July 27, 2009

Coming Soon - Art Prints.

Very excited to tell you that coming soon, after our move, I'm trying something new. Because of the economy, or maybe because the selling of paintings is feeling too elitist lately, and I want everyone to be able to own one of mine that wants one.
I've decided to do limited edition high quality prints of paintings, starting with The Entrepreneurs (above), and going from there.
Pricing and availability to come in the next couple weeks, as we figure all this out with a local printer.
I hope this will help some of those who have expressed interest, and been disappointed when they couldn't afford art.
I want my art to be always available, and I don't want only wealthy people to be able to own it.
I started Red Prairie Press in the hopes of putting my art into a medium that people could afford, and that was perhaps more utilitarian and approachable. Everyone wears clothes, right? So... in keeping with that mantra, I want to make prints of my higher priced paintings. A fun and affordable solution until (if you want to) you can build up to owning the real thing.


k.krapp said...

so excited! ive wanted one of your paintings forever but dont really have the spare cash laying around & having your calendar is great but not really the same.

Amber DavisHanna said...

We are very excited....plan to add a few to Annie and Ollie's room!

Anonymous said...

Very excited. Been eyeing the bicycle accident series for a while.

Jane Flanagan said...

I just discovered your work and checked immediately to see if I could buy a print! I'm so happy prints are coming!!

Laura said...

I just found you via ellie from and i was looking at your site and blown away! I was just about to send you an email asking about prints but looked at your blog first, and presto! The answer to my question! I can't WAIT until this are available. I'm anxiously waiting :) thanks for sharing!

Laura said...

blogged about you here! :)

venus said...

Its really good...
i am very excited for the prints..
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Anonymous said...

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