Friday, July 24, 2009

Still Here!!

Apologies for the sparse blogging this We still have no internet at the house, are building a cardboard fortress inside our living room with packing boxes, and are generally burnt out with our house buying/moving/cleaning/loan-obtaining experience & trying to keep up with orders when our inventory is covered in cardboard.
QUESTION: can you run a business in the 21st century without the internet, while moving houses & studios?
ANSWER: not very well.

Luckily, we're becoming BFFs with our friends at the Evergreen, where we camp out and check our email once a day, and eat their delicious bagels & drink their delicious coffee while enjoying free wi-fi & local art.
In between a yard sale at a friend's house, and packing more of the studio, I think we'll check out the Hamilton festival this weekend, as Charm City Craft Mafia (and many other awesomes) has a booth among the chaos.

Also in the plans for sunday: FLUID MOVEMENT's annual WATER BALLET!!!! One of my favorite summer activities in Baltimore!!! Be sure to check out one of their performances in federal hill this weekend, or patterson park pool next weekend!

PS- poison ivy update for those emailing with concern: today is officially my last day on steroids. I'm only moderately itchy, and am almost completely healed. I'm no fan of performance enhancing drugs, but am momentarily thankful for them none the less.

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