Monday, June 1, 2009

Peonies and Pennsylvania

We had a spectacular time in Philadelphia this weekend, meeting our online friends, wholesale buyers, blog readers, and many new shoppers. Art Star was a booming success, and aside from the sunburn on the back of my neck and the sleepiness my body feels, I wish we could do a Philly show more often. We love us some Philadelphia.
Also, we love the Pennsylvania countryside, and Chadds Ford, where we got to stay with some good pals on a farm which currently deals mainly in Peonies. I had the good fortune of waking up early Sunday morning with my friend Nogeeshik, and taking a walk with two very happy dogs among the rows and rows of big sopping blossoms while we drank coffee and caught up. Very nice to be out of the city sometimes... and such a treat to stay with you two in the midst of our summer chaos.

There are a couple VERY busy weeks ahead of me, and my brain can't seem to wrap itself around all that it needs to choreograph at the moment. But trips like this one remind me that with every burst of business comes a visit with friends in each city we travel to and there is lots of time in between sales to stop and smell the peonies....


Nogeeshik said...

You don't need Phil to take photo's these are great!

Nicole said...

The ivory and pink peony is beautiful!

Red Prairie Press said...

Geesh, forgot to tell you but in the car on the way home phil said "we need a country house" and i said "we HAVE one! We were just AT our country house!"
and we both laughed, but only because it's true.