Thursday, June 4, 2009

California Stars.

Dear American Apparel,

When I placed my latest bulk wholesale order of tshirts, this isn't the shipping method I had in mind.
At the last brainstorming meeting, who was it that decided shipping individual tshirts in separate packages, & separate invoices was the best idea? How did they convince you all? What did it take? Really. I want to know.
Free feather earrings? Complimentary 90's sunglasses? A promise that "more is less" in terms of packaging waste? Hypnosis?
You guys really couldn't come up with the idea of "Big cardboard box containing ALL of the shirts in the order, all shipping at once"? Really? Really? No one mentioned that as an option???? What else was on the to-do list that day?

Added cost of shipping ONE tshirt across the country to MD, on my UPS account: $6/each.
Profit from then selling that shirt wholesale: approximately $1.

let's work it out, baby.


benwhitla said...

Feather earrings. Ha.

Phil Davis said...

Someone in the shipping department must have had their full body sparkle spandex suit on a little too tight and it was constricting blood flow to the brain. Dummies.

Nogeeshik said...

seriously? hopeless!

Red Prairie Press said...

i ought to watch my mouth. we're nothing but a pile of ink without our pals out in CA.


hmmm not very recycley