Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Recap

(image from Margaux Lange)

Exhausting, but great weekend. Saw the MICA undergrad shows on Saturday (if I have time, I'll post some photos of my favorites this week), and then Phil and I drove to Brooklyn yesterday and vended at BUST Craftacular. The show was a lot of fun - we were placed right next to Kelly & Kasey of Biggs & Featherbelle, who helped us stay entertained through the day. Also got to see regular craft show pals Tugboat Press, Margaux Lange, Via Bags, squidfire,Saltlick, and many more. Barely walked around, because we were sort of secluded in an island of craft, and the show was so crowded, it was hard to crawl under the table too often, for fear of being trampled.
The B&F sisters were kind enough to take us to a classy well-designed diner they knew about off the turnpike on the way home, which made our night. But about 45 minutes after leaving the diner, I realized how tired I was, and how we still had a couple hours to go... and I had to pull over at a rest stop. Phil and I proceeded to nap in the car, in the parking lot, for an hour. Then we purchased the biggest coffee that Burger King had and plowed the rest of the way home with the windows down and Feist blasting at full volume. Not quite as classy as how the night started out, but the team made it home in one piece.

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Margaux Lange said...

Thanks Rachel! It was great to see you there :-)