Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Sometimes I am overwhelmed by bright colors. So I really like these Jenny Lee-Katz pillows. Her fabric is printed in environmentally friendly pigment inks and the pattern designs are named with Welsh words. I'm into how calm and subdued the colors are and at the moment, would like to find an extra $126, purchase one, and take a nap.
Speaking of patterns, I've been thinking hard about making some of my own, and printing some fabric from Spoonflower to cover a chair with. Has anyone used their fabric for upholstery, or know of anywhere to print patterns to fabric specifically for upholstery? I'd love suggestions.

Today is our last day home before heading to NH/VT for the Burlington Marathon tomorrow!!
Have a great week, and a great weekend. I'll be back next Tuesday/Wednesday, if not from the road.

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P K said...

good luck! keep them legs pumping!