Friday, May 15, 2009

Fry things! It's Ride Your Bike to Work Week.

First of all, it's true! It's Ride Your Bike To Work Week! (at least in Baltimore).
Second: Do you read SIX COURSE DINNER, like I told you to a while ago?
My friend Angie and I have been making dinner together on Tuesday nights, and we decided to make something from 6CD this week to salute our friend Storephil, who writes the blog. The funny thing is, there is usually something a little remote in his recipes, and this one was no exception. We had just been to the grocery store, and didn't want to go back in search of Panko Flakes. So instead, we looked up what they were on the internet, and then sent my husband out to Royal Farms in search of the closest thing he could find (which turns out, is Ritz Crackers). It worked out so well, and the cooking was such a success, that we decided it would be funny if we ALWAYS took one of Store's recipes and substituted the most elite (ie - hard to find) ingredient for something from Royal Farms. We could call these nights something like... Hampden does Charles Village. or... Hampden Women's Gourmet Food Bastardization Project.
Luckily, I ran this idea by Store Phil, and he seemed pretty eager to see it's development. So now it's our duty.

In any case, these corn cakes were SO GOOD. Corn, Radish, Egg, Camembert Cheese, Salt, Pepper and.... Ritz Crackers.
Mashed into patties & pan fried. Eaten with a variety of condiments, but mustard was the all round winner.

Visit for your own delicious meal.


P K said...

Hampden Women's Gourmet Food Bastardization Project!! I love it!!

you'll have to keep me posted on all your bastardizations! or maybe i should start shopping at royal farms to make it easier on you....

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