Friday, May 15, 2009


(image by Sam Holden for City Paper)

Phil and I have only been to a handful of baseball games at Oriole Park, but we HAVE had the pleasure of being in the section of this man, Clancy Haskett, who is featured in an article in the City Paper this week. I have never had so much fun at a baseball game, and have never been so impressed with someone for their ability to sell a product without annoying anyone, and making the advertising of that product more entertaining than the baseball game itself. In fact, most times Phil and I find ourselves drinking a beer together, we exclaim one of Clancy's one-liners in a deep Clancy-style voice: "HEY!!!!!!! IT'S - O - KAY to have a BEER at a BASEball GAME!!!!!!!" He wears a fliptop cap that says CLANCY in all capital letters on the underside, and sprints around on the stairs shouting and heckling and teasing everyone around him. At the end of the game we sat in his section for, he shouted goodnight and thanked everyone, and everyone gave him a standing ovation. How many other times have you given someone selling you overpriced beer a standing ovation??
To find out that he doesn't even do the vending because he needs the money (he's partner in the company that runs all the beer vending for Camden Yards, and would make plenty just hiring other people to do the physically demanding job) truly inspires me. This just proves there is fun EVERYWHERE if you allow it. I love when people love their jobs and love life. What a guy. Read the article at

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