Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pot in Richmond

Gearing up for our first (and one of our favorite) craft fair of spring - Spring Badabing in Richmond, VA this weekend!
Richmond is the cutest little town, with lots of nice indie friendly shops, Thai food restaurants, a diner that serves deep fried oreos (due to this weeks' large amount of birthday madness, I may have to sit out of the consumption of these this year), friendly southerners, sunshine, rainbows, and a really cool pots & pans mural (which i promise to get a better photo of this year - unblocked by this fool)
Bonus: we get to stay in a hotel with our friend Shawna, who makes beautiful pottery under the guise of Pink Kiss Pottery and who is also doing the show!
Come early, bring cash money, (or your credit card) leave with your arms full of handmade goodness!

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