Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cool Mom Picks

Our printed jersey scarves are featured this month in the Mother's Day Gift Guide on Cool Mom Picks site! Are you cool? Visit the Red Prairie Press shop before May 10, and enter the special code we've left for you on Cool Mom Picks to receive a discount off your order of anything in the shop. You have to read the whole list to find us. Sneaky.

(HINT: we are accidentally listed as "Red Prarie Bliss" but they said they'll change it. close enough... we're mighty blissful folk.

Thanks CMP!!

UPDATE- Now we're back to Red Prairie Press. Though we sorta liked Bliss too. ;)


Mom101 said...

D'OH! You're back to press again. Although we did kind of like bliss - guess that's how we felt when we saw the scarves.

Liz from Cool Mom Picks.

Red Prairie Press said...

Liz - i totally agree - I love bliss. Maybe we should have an offshoot of Red Prairie Press called Red Prairie Bliss... only things that make us EXTREMELY happy...

thank you so much again for featuring us!!!!