Tuesday, March 3, 2009

wholesale catalogue

Not much to report today. I had a nice walk in the aftermath of the storm with Jen this morning and have been staring at this spreadsheet of red prairie pretties ever since. I don't have a reason for showing you, except that I want you all to know how hard I work (not very) and what long hours (no seriously...) and also, I really like the authentic camera shutter click noise that grabbing a screen-grab makes. Kuh-ching-kahhhh! Like you've just accomplished something really really special and important.
"Here is my work for the day. I have completed it!" Kuh-Ching-kAAH.
"I believe I deserve hot chocolate." Kuh-Ching-kAAAH.
"My, what a good hair day I'm probably having..." Kuh-Ching-kAAAH.
"hey, that sports team won their sportsmatch!! Go Team!!!" Kuh-Ching-kAHHH!
this noise makes me very optimistic.

Like I said.... Not much to report today.....

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annie said...

this looks so good! i hope you are feeling better. it was so nice to see you on friday!