Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Recap

What a great weekend we've had in Baltimore. I spent it eating strange fake meat and losing at trivial pursuit to some of my favorite people on Friday. Then up early for a quilt viewing date with my favorite co-enthusiast of all things generally associated with old ladies. The show was full of beautiful and inspiring things (with a side dish of some delightfully tacky quilts of course) but the most exciting attraction by far was Jenny's mom Stephanie Strunge's quilt - made for Jenny over the last few years and finally finished for the show. (NOT the one pictured. See it HERE) it was one of the few (if not the only?) we saw that was hand quilted, and it was ENORMOUS and really beautiful.
Saturday night, we celebrated a talented friend's recent liberation from her teaching job (to pursue said talent) and upcoming birthday at the beautiful and delicious Hamilton Tavern, and today, Sunday, I finally dubbed my now three week old cough officially gone, and waddled back to the gym to pump iron and train (for what, you ask? I'll tell you soon). Upon our return, I was delighted to find that we reached 500 sales on Etsy today!!!! Wahoo!!!!
This means that we are indeed surviving the recession, and that although poor Phil (who managed to run THIRTEEN MILES on saturday in his marathon training, while Jen and I looked at quilts) has spring break this week, I'm going to be hard at work and may just have to recruit him in between his spring break activities.


Jennifer Bone said...

Wow, Jenny's mom's quilt is GORGEOUS! Love it!


Stephanie said...


Thanks so much for coming to the show with Jen, for your kind words, and for taking such great photos. The one on Jen's sight is awesome-no green name tag. I loved your description of the show!

Stephanie Strunge