Sunday, March 1, 2009


36" x 48" on wood! That's right.... I've decided to start painting on wooden box panels, and I'm so happy with the results. I've switched paints as well - from regular watercolor gouache to "acrylic gouache" which, before going into Artists & Craftsmen (the new art supply shop on North Ave.) I had no idea existed. It's just a tiny bit more opaque & seems to stay wet a little longer, and is still the matt finish I like. I guess it pays to do your research, huh? Has anyone else used this? Am I committing a paint sin here? Possibly. But, well, it looks really nice on wood.

Other things accomplished this weekend:
- Watched an entire season of The Wire
- Watched Labrynth for the first time ever (yeah, i don't know. I just never did, okay?)
- Visited the library. Got new books out AND saw the Golden Books original artwork show. Don't Miss it!!!
- baked
- snoozed in bed for exceptionally long periods of time. Spectacular.

Happy Monday to All,
and Happy Birthday, to Al. (assuming you all read this monday)


RL Tillman said...

HUGE fan of the "acrya-gouache".

P K said...

i like this painting. i like how i can offset the relatively violent scene by the fact that they are all wearing slippers.

big brother said...

this painting is amazing! i love it so hard! great job bone! it's my birthday present right? haha, right? -alb

dandelion blu said...

wait- Labrynth AND Golden Books???
NO way!! I just asked my mom to dig out all of my old books for the sprout.

Nothing's better then gratuitous shots of a leather clad David Bowie's crotch and Little Golden Books... sigh...