Monday, March 16, 2009

NEW - Folkloric Flowers Tunic

Introducing the new Folkloric Flowers Tunic! Inspired by folk art, vintage quilts and wallpaper patterns, and the coming of spring! Available on Etsy starting......NOW.


Jennifer Bone said...


dandelion blu said...

I LOVE this!!
Question- Do you think the cut is forgiving enough to stretch- over an expanding belly, but without looking like a tent, on a certain person with child? :)

Red Prairie Press said...

i want you to try it on before i give an answer on this- but i HAVE had pregnant ladies buy the longsleeve version of this tee, and a maternity store that stocks them. They are longer than a normal tee, and flare out at the bottom, so I would think you'd be okay?

talk soon!


love the new stuff!! nice colors.