Tuesday, March 17, 2009

1,000 Garment Graphics

I'm so pleased to tell you that I'm in a new super cool book!
1,000 Garment Graphics
A Comprehensive Collection of Wearable Designs
Jeffrey Everett
Finally there is a one-stop source with all the coolest
graphics on T-shirts, handbags, scarves, pants, onesies—
you name it. If it can be worn, it can have a cool graphic
1,000 Garment Graphics features the best wearable art
and designs, providing fresh ideas for any design project.
Featuring a wide array of design styles from funky to
conservative, hokey to demure, and sarcastic to serious, this
is a no-holds-barred collection of stuff you’ll want to see.

You can purchase the book from Amazon HERE
OR you can come to the booksigning at Borders (White Flint Mall, Rockville) 6PM, April 2, 2009
and get a signed copy!

Thanks to Jeff Everett (of eljefedesign) and Rockport Publishing for both making this book, and including us in it.

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dandelion blu said...

Congratulations!!! That is very exciting! I'll have to check it out!