Thursday, March 12, 2009

Info for Baltimore Artists & Crafters

(pictured: Ikea "Gunghult" - just THINK of the possibilities!)

Some info that might concern you, brought to you by way of one of Baltimore's finest artist/organizer/get-done-ers, Kristen Grey. I hadn't heard about the last one, and got particularly excited. Just the names of ikea items alone could allow you to come up with ridiculous fashion. Not sure if I'll participate, but any excuse for a trip to ikea is a valid one, in my opinion. It's so ridiculous and exciting and even though I'm usually far too overwhelmed to remember what it was I wanted when I started driving there, I can't help but feel like it's a fun game of sneaking peeks into other people's very very clean houses. Have you read David Byrne's ramblings on Ikea, actually? Read them HERE.

Lotta Art
School 33s annual fundraisor - a lottery style art “auction” where donated artworks are given to people who purchase tickets. Submissions are juried w/ best in show awards (winners get solo shows). Plus it's at silo point this year! Fancy. Pants.

A DIY craft section at artscape. The spaces are affordable, the crowd is insatiable, and the weather is always dire. Application cost $10. Educate the public about buying handmade, and build a greater craft community. If you have an etsy account this event is for you! Stop making excuses- start making money. Dolla dolla bills yall.

Sew me what you got! Partnership with IKEA whereby participants compete, project runway style, creating garments with fabric/things purchased at IKEA. Winner gets $1000, there are fashion shows, and cool events surrounding the competition.


Kathleen North said...

Hello! I could not find another way to contact you other than by leaving a comment. I am wondering if you would be willing to share the RSVP Mad Libs wording you used for your wedding invites? I am looking for inspiration for our RSVPs and am itching to do a Mad Libs style RSVP postcard! Thank you thank you thank you! I am excited I found your blog as I love creative people! So inspiring:)

Red Prairie Press said...

Hi Kathleen,

of course! here's a link to the RSVP in full:

feel free to use however much you'd like - we got some REALLY funny responses, which I plan to share on our anniversary, (July 5th).

Kathleen North said...

Thank you very much!