Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Recap

Not much to report today... I'm working on some pattern designs for a project involving chocolate, and pondering filmmaking, animating, painting and storytelling from a very inspiring weekend.

This weekend I:
- met a body builder.
- made a Valentine of sorts for some far off friends (i won't show it until I know they've received it, so I don't ruin the half-surprise)
- went to see Coraline (AMAZING. PLEASE go see this movie and support these talented animators)
and yesterday
- hit a milestone of running for myself by managing to cling onto phil's optimism and energy and run five miles alongside him.
I have to admit.... I may be starting to enjoy myself.... if only it didn't hurt so much, I'd even suggest I like running. What I like, is the END of running, when the whole world looks better, and you feel strong and healthy and tired but proud. Also, it was 63 degrees outside yesterday, and we got some much needed vitamin D. ahhhhh.


marlenedesigner said...

Your pattern design is very nice.
Is Coraline appropriate for small children (5 year old) or is it a bit scary?

Rachel Bone said...

Marlene- I'm 26 years old, and I was terrified at points. (true, I'm a softie, but still.)
Might want to get a sitter for this one.

Ali D. said...

this is one of your designs? I think we might need to get this printed on some fabric...

Rachel Bone said...

that's one of mine- but it was an original version, later simplified for chocolates... we'll see if they like it & otherwise i'll have to use it elsewhere!