Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dorophy Tang Cameras

Artist Dorophy Tang (I couldn't find a website for her. Do you know of one?) worked with Lomography to design an outer shell to the beautiful Diana camera (I believe she did it in 2008). It features a plastic lens that produces "dreamlike" photography and adjustable aperture for wide angle shooting at low cost. Not sure what's going on with the sand, but it appears to be in more of her work as well. Makes you think it was just found on the beach, in a pile of sand and broken teacups.
can you tell that patterns are on my mind?


kvh said...

these Diana cameras go way back - Lomography just got the rights to reproduce them. I have a vintage Diana copy if you'd ever like to feed a roll through it...

Rachel Bone said...

I'd love to see!
what do the others look like?
Non-decorative, i guess?
(in my excitement, i posted hastily without really looking into these)

kvh said...

Most are black and blue - Lomography keeps producing these cameras in pink and white plastic - terrible idea.

The plastic is thin, and the only thing keeping them remotely functional was the black plastic making them light-proof(ish). Maybe they're just painted... who knows.

Next time you're over, remind me.