Tuesday, February 24, 2009

CCCM in Southern Living Magazine!

We were interviewed for this article about Craft Mafia members back in 2007, and although it's my old studio that is shown, and Jen's old studio that she's standing in, we still run the same businesses, and, I think, have the same general outlook on things. That photo makes me miss the old shed, but reminds me that there was no heat or AC out there. Just me and the crickets.
Pick up this month's Southern Living Magazine and flip to pages 6-8 of the Mid Atlantic Living section! Since you're making the purchase anyway, you could also read the rest of the magazine, which this month features delicious looking layer cakes, Gardening tips from Disney, and the answer to "what beer goes best with Duck Salad?" foreal.


P K said...

an IPA?

Red Prairie Press said...

actually, i jumped the gun. Apparently the answer isn't in the magazine, its online at www.southernliving.com. I suspect that's a good guess on the IPA, although, I don't even know what Duck Salad IS...and I'm not much of a beer drinker.