Monday, January 5, 2009

Back in Action

Hello long lost friends of 2009! We're back safely in Baltimore after a trip to NH for Christmas, and one to Cape Cod for New Years. All is merry up north, and I got my one wish - which was to see some snow.
We got to play with our niece, eat too much food with our families, sit by the woodstove fire, and talk with old friends and even hike in the woods a bit. Mr Sammy camped out at the Davis house and was strung out on catnip at all hours of the day, lounging upside down by the fire and purring away. A big fluffy Christmas mess.
Now that we're back, and ready for 2009. All orders placed since December 24 will ship today. Thank you for your patience as we took our long winded and much needed journey. I think if I have time, I'd like to write a list of my favorite things from 2008, so look for that later in the week. I wonder if this will make the cut:

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Jennifer said...

Glad to have you two (and your stoner cat) back in town! You were missed!