Thursday, December 18, 2008

Public Radio

You can always count on your friends to remind you to be a better person. Jenny reminds me to go outside and take walks more and to appreciate goofy things, Vanessa and Storephil remind me to be a better and more adventurous chef, Lindsay reminds me to stay in touch, Phil reminds me to appreciate crappy movies and cartoons, Kim reminds me be more of a girl, Ben reminds me to try harder to make things look better.
Today, Annie reminded me to show appreciation for things I take for granted.

The recent economic crisis has effected everyone, including we here at Red Prairie Press. I print listening to NPR all day every day, and appreciate the company of radio often on weekends as well. When I heard they had begun laying people off from our local station (WYPR) and from all national NPR stations, I was sad, but because I get so much mail at all times from NPR asking for money, I was mostly annoyed when they started doubling the mail this month. However, I just read Annie's blogpost about how she listens to chicago public radio, and specifically, this american life in her studio (I do the same, thanks to podcasts), and she'd decided to donate. I realized I should donate again, and this time, real money, to the specific programs I love. So... This American Life it was.

It was just a little bit of money, but it felt really good. That's all.


lsquaredstudios said...

I just donated to This American Life too. My life would be a wreck without their podcast.

Phil Davis said...

hey now..."Fart: the Movie" had its high points. And Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is not crappy, it's just dated and full of ridiculous plotlines. Speaking ninja turtles, I feel like pizza.

Phil Davis said...

oh and good job donating to This American Life buddy.

annie said...

because i am a HUGE nerd, i swooned just a tiny bit when i received my automated thank you from ira glass.

swoon. there i go again.

hope to see you soon!

Rachel Bone said...

I also swooned at my Ira Glass email.
I also just remembered that one of my favorite progrms IS local. The Signal is one of the few things I look forward to working to on fridays!
So... support BOTH local & national, we shall.

Lindsay said...

oh, i love my This American Life so much. We listen to them at work all the time. And yes, staying in touch! I love you guys too much to fall out of it! :) I still harbour the dream that someday we will live on the same coast!