Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last Minute Self Absorbtion

As we scramble to finish our christmas shopping every year, I am without fail allerted to things I would like for myself too. For the rest of the year, although I'm around beautiful and handmade things all year, I don't purchase a whole lot without a plan for it going elsewhere. This year, since we've done pretty well at the last minute, we decided that we should get christmas bonuses. I plan to blow mine on something frivolous. I seem to be attracted to natural browns and tans lately. Not sure if it's the woodgrain we've been using to redesign the website (coming soon) or just the leaves dropping, and the sun shining that makes me notice these colors more. Here's a collection of things I covet:
Tom's shoes- specifically this courdaroy pair with fleece lining. (do you know Tom's donates a pair of shoes to an ethiopian every time you buy a pair for yourself? Nice.)
Wooden stars from sewdanish - they'd make nice ornaments, or just window decorations for the year.
Woven Scarf from pidgepidge - need I say more?
Screenprinted pillow from skinnylaminx - all the way in south africa, but still... i'd pay the shipping on this. her patterns are so beautiful.

Maybe someone else will have to get some of these things, just so they can pass through my greedy little hands.


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I would love to try on a pair of tom's shoes before I buy them. They look amazing!