Monday, November 24, 2008

More Pins in the Map

(image from pixietart on flickr)
I am without a mouse today and maneuvering toward anything on the laptop is hard for my frozen stubby fingers. While packing orders just now, I was thinking about how I wanted to find a virtual version of a worldmap that I could ad pushpins to, when sending items to new places... wouldn't it be fun to see where things had gone (and, hadn't gone)? Does anyone know a good place to get one of those? Google seems to have made one, but I was too lazy to figure it out, and thought it'd be nice to hear from others. In the meantime, maybe I'll just get a real people map, and real pushpins, and have at it in the office, sans computer!
Today the pushpins land on:

Towson, MD
Kettering, OH
Raleigh, NC
Bloomington, IL
El Dorado Hills, CA
Wilmington, DE
Solana Beach, CA
Surrey, (United Kingdom)
Victoria, Brittish Columbia (Canada)
Suffolk (UK)
Temecula, CA
Ontario, Canada
Austin, TX
Bronx, NY
Newark, DE
Clinton, IA
Concord, NH
Brighton, MA
Minneapolis, MN....
and the list goes on!

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Emily said...

Travel Map is a gadget you can add to your blogger layout where you can keep track of places you've been. You could just make yours places you've shipped to instead! It looks pretty easy to use.