Sunday, November 23, 2008

Baltimore Magazine

We would like to give the highest form of glue-gun salute to Baltimore Magazine for putting out a December issue ALL ABOUT LOCAL, HANDMADE CRAFT. They did a very big thing for the MD craft community, and I feel very privileged to be mentioned along with so many of my local friends and fellow crafters. I am already seeing new wholesale business, and more website traffic, and an additional bump to the already ever-present sense of camaraderie among indie crafters in the city as we all congratulate each other. I sincerely hope that other publications all over the country will follow in the footsteps of Baltimore Mag and make the extra effort to support local and small, independent businesses this season. This is a heroic effort to help boost our local economy, and guess what? It's a beautiful issue, everybody wins, and it's working already. Thanks, Baltimore Magazine.

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